Can you kill Asriel Dreemurr?

Por Georgeta / 2022-06-12

Can you kill Asriel Dreemurr?

Can you kill Asriel Dreemurr?

It is impossible to damage Asriel; any attempt to FIGHT results in a MISS. Asriel cannot be spared using the MERCY option.

Can Asriel Dreemurr be saved?

That's why Asriel, who was previously a soulless flower, is now someone capable of being saved. The events after the battle also indicate that it is Asriel who is saved. He gives up fighting Frisk, breaks the barrier, and releases the monsters' souls.

Did Chara kill Asriel?

Chara is the reason they died so long ago, and Asriel simply followed along out of love for his 'sibling'. Chara took control of Asriel, broke through the barrier and carried the body back to the village.

Does Toriel know Flowey is Asriel?

Based on Flowey's dialogue in the Genocide route, we find out that when he first woke up as a flower, he called for his parents. After he runs away from New Home, he finds Toriel. Eventually, he resets, before Asgore or Toriel ever knew who he was. ... Frisk: Well, um... he's Asriel.

Who is the God of Hyperdeath?

ASRIEL DREEMURR Asriel greets the protagonist as before he transforms into "ASRIEL DREEMURR, God of Hyperdeath." He informs the protagonist that he does not care about destroying the world anymore, and instead just wants to reset the timeline so that everything unfolds again from the beginning.

Is flowey a Chara?

NEUTRAL ROUTES in the neutral route, flowey never acknowledges chara. ever. except in one specific circumstance, but i'll get to that later. at the end of the route, flowey only refers to frisk.

Who killed Frisk?

Sans dominates Gaster, destroying his hands one by one, until Gaster is left exhausted and drained. He attempts to stab Sans in a sneaky last-ditch effort, but Sans is faster, and subsequently kills him.

Why did Chara kill Flowey?

chara kills flowey because flowey destroyed asgore's soul to “help” chara, which ultimately cut off chara's only way out of the underground. ... for whatever reason, flowey chooses to destroy asgore's soul. not only had flowey become useless to chara, his actions prevented chara from reaching the surface in this route.

Is flowey really evil?

Flowey has a malevolent and cruel disposition, berating the protagonist for not following his "kill or be killed" philosophy. Despite this, he also criticizes the protagonist at the end of the Ruins if they killed any monster.

Why is Asriel evil?

Before his death, Asriel was a docile, unadventurous and loving child. ... After Alphys resurrects him without a SOUL as Flowey, Asriel becomes incapable of feeling love or empathy, which in turn causes him to become resentful, twisted, and evil.

What happens if you kill Asriel in the true form?

You aren't supposed to fight, it would break the pacifist route's story line. It also makes sense story-wise considering Asriel at that point is an unstoppable god with infinite DEF. His only weakness is FEELS. We need a way to be able to shank Asriel after the fact. I mean, you're causing so much more pain and death by letting Flowey exist at all.

Can you save Asriel if you kill Flowey?

Killing Flowey would kill him as well since they're the same person. No... you cannot save Asriel. Killing Flowey would kill him as well since they're the same person. Ahh, I had the thought that killing Flowey would release part of him, kinda like how he abandoned Flowey to become the Asriel boss, but I see where your coming from.

Is it possible to save the real Asriel?

As sad as it is being unable to save Asriel, the fact remains that he's got no soul... the real Asriel died a long time ago. What he is, as Flowey, is merely a vessel with his memories. It'd be like a robot with your memories... that robot isn't you.

How does Asriel turn into an angel of death?

Angel of Death: When using his full strength, Asriel automatically turns into this form. His opponent becomes unable to move, attack, use items, or do anything except struggle, losing all power and ability to fight back as he tears them asunder using anything at his disposal.

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