Who can beat Zoro in anime?

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Who can beat Zoro in anime?

Who can beat Zoro in anime?

One Piece: 5 Anime Swordsmen Who Can Beat Roronoa Zoro (& 5 Who Can't)

  • 3 Can't Beat: Hyakkimaru.
  • 4 Can Beat: Guts. ...
  • 5 Can't Beat: Sakata Gintoki. ...
  • 6 Can Beat: Akame. ...
  • 7 Can't Beat: Jin. ...
  • 8 Can Beat: Killer B. ...
  • 9 Can't Beat: Askeladd. ...
  • 10 Can Beat: Dracule Mihawk. ...

What main villain has Zoro defeated?

The Sabaody Archipelago arc was a major disaster for Zoro and the straw hats. They faced off against the pacifistas, Shichibukai Kuma and a marine admiral. One of Zoro's most humiliating defeats was at the hands of Borsalino. A marine admiral more famous with the alias of Kizaru.

Who loves Zoro?

14 Zoro x Hiyori The Wano Arc has brought a variety of interesting developments for fans, but one thing that's been exciting for shippers in particular has been the subtle exchanges between Roronoa Zoro and Princess Hiyori.

Why did Zoro try to take Orochi on his own?

Perhaps Zoro tries to take Orochi on on his own and thinks he’s done it after cutting all the heads off at once but then they all grow back. That would be a great plot point for me, and require Zoro to forgive Sanji and let him help him.

Why is Zoro standing against Kaido in one piece?

Zoro standing against Kaido means he wields the spirit of Oden. The battle that was once left unfinished, Zoro is here to finish it now. At least, that’s what we can draw from the current flow of the story. Let’s not forget that this battle is about Wano and the Scabbards and the legacy of Kozuki Oden.

Why does Kurozumi Orochi kill so many people?

Orochi is petty enough to kill any man, woman or child who offends him, going to any lengths to see them dead (only showing temporary hesitation towards a woman he held feelings for) and refusing to take responsibility for the consequences of his own actions, preferring to blame others instead by branding them as criminals.

What does Zoro with Enma do in one piece?

Being very close to Hiyori, Zoro understands and shares the pain to quite an extent and would relish the chance to kill Orochi in battle. With or without Enma, Zoro would absolutely demolish Orochi in a fight, although it would be fitting if he wields Oden's very own sword to kill him.

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Can Zoro beat mihawk with Enma?

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Can Zoro beat mihawk?

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Can Zoro beat mihawk now?

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Can Zoro beat Sanji?

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