Can anyone pick up Thor's hammer?

Por Jo-ann-2 / 2022-05-10

Can anyone pick up Thor's hammer?

Can anyone pick up Thor's hammer?

Thor's hammer Mjolnir gives its holder awesome power, but not just anyone can pick it up. The inscription on the side of the hammer reads, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” For everyone else who tries to lift it, it won't even budge.

Why is Spider Man able to lift THOR's Hammer?

If Spider-Man is able to lift the hammer, it's because his soul could tap into the full strength of its power in ways that Thor can not. While Spidey would not willingly kill anyone, the power of the hammer could be manipulated into a force of nature that can be bent. @therrieur: That was not cannon.

Is it possible for Spider Man to lift the Mjolnir?

Yes, that’s right! In a certain team-up of Thor and Spider-Man, Spidey has already lifted the Mjolnir, minus the ‘Thor Powers’ of course. This justifies that he is pretty close to being truly worthy like Captain-America and Superman (cross-over story-line). One day soon! My suggestion: Keep an eye out! It’s MARVEL. Anything can happen!!!

Do you have to be able to lift THOR's Hammer?

You must be able to lift the hammer. You being able to lift it is the first indicator that you MIGHT be worthy. If you can [a] lift the hammer AND [b] you are worthy, you will be given the power of Thor* (*superhuman strength, vitality, increased durability and stamina).

What does it mean to be worthy of THOR's Hammer?

Worthiness is defined by the enchantment imbued within the hammer by Odin. This means you must be worthy of WIELDING the ‘Power of Thor’. This means… when people ARE able to lift the hammer, the indicator of whether they are worthy is NOT the lifting but the bestowal of the ‘POWER OF THOR’. Spider-Man is alive!

Can Superman pick up Thor's hammer?

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Can Goku pick up Thor hammer?

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Who can actually lift Thor's hammer?

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Can Iron Man lift Thor's hammer?

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