Who in Marvel can beat Superman?

Por Sherri / 2022-04-19

Who in Marvel can beat Superman?

Who in Marvel can beat Superman?

Hulk Could Pummel Superman Into Submission If He Was Angry Enough. Superman is generally considered the strongest character at DC, and Hulk is generally considered Marvel's strongest. So, their matchup is practically written in the stars.

Is it possible for Superman to beat Thanos?

No Superman can’t beat Thanos, Thanos has him out classed in every aspect except speed, which is useless for Superman because Thanos can react to characters like Silver Surfer who easily outclasses Superman in speed. Thanos could use Telepathy to put Superman down instantly, if he so wishes he could also just beat Superman to death.

Who are the DC characters that could defeat Thanos?

Here are 20 DC Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos In Seconds (And 5 He Would Destroy). Aquaman is one of DC's oldest and most popular characters who has stood side-by-side with the likes of Wonder Woman, Superman, and the rest of the Justice League.

Who is more powerful than Thanos or spectre?

At times, even Thanos can prove that his intellect is more superior to that of Darkseid's. Spectre, despite not being as popular as Superman or Batman, is among the top 10 or even top 5 most powerful beings in DC.

Who is better at fighting Thanos Superman or Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman, as her writers admitted, can be as powerful as Superman but does come a bit shy of Superman's omnipotence. Still, she's a better fighter and tactician than the Kryptonian and would no doubt give Thanos a tough and long battle.

Who can beat Superman from Marvel?

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