Can Superman kill Hulk?

Por Blanca / 2022-04-14

Can Superman kill Hulk?

Can Superman kill Hulk?

Superman defeats Hulk not through strength, but by helping him get past his anger. ... Flash( one the only ones I like in DC) can put up a good fight with Hulk since he may be faster than marvel speedsters that Hulk has come against)but Hulk I believe could still beat him.

Who is stronger Hulk or Superman?

There's no question the Hulk is a near-indestructible force who comes out on top in almost all of his battles of pure strength. However, against Superman, he's outmatched. While Hulk's strength might rival that of the Man of Steel, Superman's other abilities give him a considerable edge against his opponent.

Can the Hulk kill Superman?

No. Hulk killing Superman is near impossible without a serious edge, like Superman being at his weakest, or Hulk being at his strongest. At base level, it’s impossible. Superman is too fast, and his abilities like Laser Vision, and Freeze Breath would be too much for the Hulk to counter.

Can the Avengers defeat Superman?

Few other members of the Avengers would be able to put a good fight against Superman. Nonetheless, most superheroes would be defeated by Superman when they face him alone. The only possible way by which Avengers could beat Superman would be with a team effort, and who knows if that would even work.

Who can defeat the Hulk?

2 Can Beat The Hulk: Wolverine . Wolverine is the best there is at what he does. In this case, it's fighting the Hulk. Wolverine probably has more experience fighting the Hulk than any other Marvel superhero; the two men find themselves coming to blows often.

Can Hulkbuster kill Hulk?

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Can Hulk really beat Superman?

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Who can kill Superman?

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Can Superman kill Thanos?

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