Can Superman beat Slade?

Por Lorianna / 2022-05-01

Can Superman beat Slade?

Can Superman beat Slade?

He could speed blitz Slade, but he rarely is seen using that tactic. Slade could definitely win this, but generally Superman is suppose to win so he does.

Who can beat Deathstroke DC?

Deathstroke a lot of the times is beaten through PIS to advance a story. Batman has beaten him, Nightwing has beaten him, Batgirl(Cain) has beaten him. Deathstroke has also beaten all of those characters except for Cassandra Cain, which he totally could if written properly.

Who is better deadshot or Deathstroke?

(DEADSHOT )or slade Wilson (DEATHSTROKE) out of them, coming who's the better fighter, marksman, and just overall master assasin??? Deadshot is definitely the better marksman, that's what he's known for. But Deathstroke's the better fighter and a better assassin overall. ... Deathstroke still has way better feats.

Who would win Wolverine or Deathstroke?

1 Winner: Wolverine Wolverine is arguably Deathstroke's superior when it comes to skill and experience and that's going to make a big difference as well. It will be a brutal fight but Wolverine is going to come out on top.

Who wins more Batman or Deathstroke?

Deathstroke and Batman have fought before, and Deathstroke wins most of the time, except in certain comics where the writers tend to forget that Deathstroke has superhuman abilities. if they fight, of course Deathstroke will win. Basically DS is alternate version of batman with super soldier serum.

Which is better Deathstroke or Superman in the comics?

Deathstroke wins considering he has 2 weeks of prep, a Kryptonite sword, and 8 Kryptonite bullets. Deathstroke is a genius. Do you know what he can do with 2 weeks of prep!! Also he would chop Superman down to size with his Kryptonite sword and bullets.

Which is better Deathstroke or Superman in B4 the lock?

Deathstroke would win easily. Kryptonite Sword + 8 Kryptonite Bullets. Deathstroke would win easily. in b4 the lock. superman guts deathstroke with his own sword. IIRC Slade has already done well against Supergirl, but only because he had gear given to him by Lex Luthor.

Can a Batman defeat a Deathstroke with prep?

Yes, Batman can defeat Deathstroke with prep. He has beaten Deathstroke with prep. In a head to head fight Slade is usually going to be come out on top, but when Batman has prep it really isn’t a fight so much as it is a trap or an ambush. So yes, Batman can defeat Deathstroke with prep.

Who are the heroes that can beat Deathstroke?

There's no doubt Kamala Khan has the superhuman powers to take on Deathstroke. There would probably be a moment where she gained the upper-hand against him with her shape-altering abilities. However, it would take one slip for Slade to take over. Once that happened, Kamala would have a hard time to catch up.

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