Porque Omni-Man mata os guardiões?

Por Emmey / 2022-01-24

Porque Omni-Man mata os guardiões?

Porque Omni-Man mata os guardiões?

Sua decisão de matar os Guardiões foi para ajudar a enfraquecer o planeta para seus companheiros Viltrumitas. Sua nova vida como Nolan Grayson o deixou em conflito, pois ele genuinamente se preocupava com sua família e amigos na Terra. No entanto, sua missão é clara.

Onde ver Omni-Man?

Invencível está disponível com 1 temporada completa no Amazon Prime Video.

Who is stronger Superman or the Omni Man?

Omni-Man’s son, Invincible, has hinted that he may be stronger than his father despite being half-Earthling. Omni-Man has defeated countless monsters and even aliens that can wound Viltrumites. But Superman is a whole other story. Superman can only be injured by Kryptonite, nuclear explosions, and magic.

Can a supes kill an Omni Man?

Meaning Supes may kill Omni-Man if he feels it's necessary. @Guardiandevil83: i agree from what i know omniman is powerfull not not to the degre as clark.

Who are the heroes that can take down Omni Man?

Invincible: Which Heroes Are Strong Enough to Take Down Omni-Man? 1 Battle Beast. In Kirkman and Ottley's Invincible #19, Battle Beast was introduced to the series as a villain and would somehow become a hero. 2 Space Racer. ... 3 Allen the Alien. ... 4 Robot. ... 5 Rex Splode. ...

Porque o Omni-Man matou todos?

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Sua decisão de matar os Guardiões foi para ajudar a enfraquecer o planeta para seus companheiros... Leia mais

Yolane . 2022-04-28

Who would win in a fight Saitama or Omni-man?

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It would be a long fight but Omni-man wins this battle. While Saitama is very strong, Omni-man has... Leia mais

Tildie . 2022-01-23

How strong is omni man?

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(Striking power is 9874.28571429 tons and his lifting strength is 2468.57142857 tons. [This was... Leia mais

Saba . 2022-05-25

Qual a fraqueza do Omni-Man?

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A fraqueza do Omni-Man Orelhas Vulneráveis: Quando o equilíbrio de um Viltrumite em suas orelhas... Leia mais

Regan . 2022-06-03