Did Hugh Jackman do all the singing in The Greatest Showman?

Por Delly / 2022-02-11

Did Hugh Jackman do all the singing in The Greatest Showman?

Did Hugh Jackman do all the singing in The Greatest Showman?

Australian actor Hugh Jackman portrays circus founder P.T. ... In The Greatest Showman, the actor not only shows off his singing skills again but he went through 10 weeks of rehearsals for the dancing numbers in the film.

Why was Hugh Jackman not allowed to sing?

In a video posted to Facebook, Jackman, 49, explained that his doctor was weary about him signing so soon after having skin cancer removed from his nose. “I had 80 stitches in my nose and my doctor said ‘you’re not allowed to sing,’ ” he said.

What did Hugh Jackman sing in the Greatest Showman?

Hugh Jackman's Doctor Told Him Not to Sing in The Greatest Showman -- but He Did It Anyway. But when the cast gathered for the first time in New York City, Jackman couldn’t resist the temptation to show everyone what he’s got. In the video, Jackman is seen belting out one of the show’s tunes “From Now On” alongside the cast.

What kind of cancer did Hugh Jackman have?

Luckily, Jackman was all healed when it came time to shoot the film for real. The actor has had a long history of battling skin cancer on his nose. The actor was first treated for basal-cell carinoma in November 2013 and has since had up to six procedures done.

What did Hugh Jackman do for a living?

First things first, Hugh Jackman started out as a musical theatre man. After playing Curly in a 1998 production of Oklahoma! on the West End, he went on to win a Tony Award for his performance in a 2004 stage production of The Boy from Oz. Later, he started a one-man show in San Francisco,...

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