What is the difference between sub and public sub?

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What is the difference between sub and public sub?

What is the difference between sub and public sub?

The terms Public and Private are used in relation to Modules. The basic concept is that Public variables, subs or functions can be seen and used by all modules in the workbook while Private variables, subs and functions can only be used by code within the same module.

How do I run a sub in another sub?

VBA subs are "macros" - you can run them by hitting Alt+F8 or by adding a button to your worksheet and calling up the sub you want from the automatically generated "ButtonX_Click" sub.

How do you call a sub?

To call a Sub procedure from another procedure, type the name of the procedure and include values for any required arguments. The Call statement is not required, but if you use it, you must enclose any arguments in parentheses.

What does private sub mean?

What Does Private Mean? Private Sub sets the scope so that subs in outside modules cannot call that particular subroutine. This means that a sub in Module 1 could not use the Call method to initiate a Private Sub in Module 2. (

How do you call a sub in Visual Studio?

Calling a Sub Procedure You call a Sub procedure by using the procedure name in a statement and then following that name with its argument list in parentheses. You can omit the parentheses only if you don't supply any arguments. However, your code is more readable if you always include the parentheses.

What is sub in VBA?

What is a VBA Sub? A sub can be described as a small program within the VBA Editor that performs a specific action in Excel. It is used to break large pieces of code into smaller parts that can be easily managed.

How do you return a value from a sub in VBA?

VBA - Sub Procedure

  1. Sub procedures DO NOT Return a value while functions may or may not return a value.
  2. Sub procedures CAN be called without a call keyword.
  3. Sub procedures are always enclosed within Sub and End Sub statements.

How to call a sub inside another sub?

To call a sub inside another sub you only need to do: So where you have CalculateA (Nc,kij, xi, a1, a) you need to have call CalculateA (Nc,kij, xi, a1, a)

Why do you need to call sub in VBA?

VBA Call Sub saves time in writing the same code again and again. Calling the VBA sub procedure store in same excel reduces the size of the excel file as well.

Can a function be called as a sub procedure?

If you are not interested in the return value of a function, you can call a function the same way you call a Sub procedure. Omit the parentheses, list the arguments, and do not assign the function to a variable, as shown in the following example. If you include parentheses in the preceding example, the statement causes a syntax error.

Do you need a call statement for a sub procedure?

The Call statement is not required, but if you use it, you must enclose any arguments in parentheses. You can use a Sub procedure to organize other procedures so they are easier to understand and debug. In the following example, the Sub procedure Main calls the Sub procedure MultiBeep, passing the value 56 for its argument.

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