Where is the crank handle for Claire?

Por Lynelle / 2021-10-16

Where is the crank handle for Claire?

Where is the crank handle for Claire?

The Crank Handle is located in the Jail area next to the Parking Garage, just below the Police Station on the Basement 1 level. It's in the end room, next to the journalist who's been locked up by Chief Irons. You'll get a cutscene with him first, and he'll ask you to free him.

Can Claire get into the generator room?

The Generator Room is a Leon-only location in Resident Evil 2, a place you'll visit after exploring the Parking Garage and Morgue. If you're playing as Claire, there is no way you can visit it, so don't worry about trying to find access.

Where is the crank in Resident Evil 2 Claire?

The Square Crank is on the table next to the Jail (B1) cell where you meet the reporter with the Parking Garage Key Card. You'll need the Square Crank to open the shutter between the Art Room and the Chief's Office on the second floor of the Police Station (2F) and the shutter between the Morgue and the Generator Room.

Is Claire harder than Leon?

Specifically, when Claire's health is in the “Caution” status, she'll actually run faster than her default speed. On top of this, Claire is already naturally faster than Leon. Not just that, she controls a bit more fluidly, turning with more ease than Leon. In general, she's a “smoother” character to play as.

Can Claire get the club key?

The Club Key is only in Leon's walkthrough (the Heart Key is exclusive to Claire's). It is located in the Boiler Room, a safe/save room you access on your way to the Clock Tower -- it's just after the East Storage Room.

How do you get the crank?

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What to do after you get the diamond key?

We recommend you investigate the Diamond Key last - as soon as you do, the corpse you get the Key from as well as another zombie in the room spring to life. As soon as you do so, we recommend running straight out the door.

Can Leon get the heart Key?

The Heart Key is NOT AVAILABLE in Leon's campaign (he gets the Club Key instead), and you cannot access Heart Key-locked locations on the map unless they also have another door for Leon to enter. The Heart Key is only available in Claire's playthrough.

Should I play Leon or Claire first?

The good news is the both campaigns play out fairly similarly. The story won't suffer from you picking either one first, so you can leave the choice largely down to character preference. That said, if you're a newcomer to Resident Evil and want to make things easier on yourself, we recommend starting with Leon.

Do Leon and Claire have the same story?

Claire and Leon have pretty different experiences in Raccoon City, but they ultimately experience a similar story. ... Leon's story has a more criminal investigation feel to it, which fits with his background. Claire's is more a story of family and protection. But both characters still start and end at the same place.

Where to find Jack Handle in Leon and Claire?

You can access the Records Room in two ways using the two unique keys in Leon and Claire's playthroughs, the Club and Heart Key, respectively. Inside you’ll find Mechanic Jack Handle. Use this in the Library to align the bookshelves and cross to the Clock Tower.

Where do you find square handle crank in Fortnite?

After a short scene, you can explore the surrounding area; the square crank handle will be on the table opposite the jail cell. You can use it to open some of the other cells, too. If you’re playing Claire’s campaign, you’ll see the same slots for the square handle crank. However, you won’t find the square handle crank in Claire’s campaign.

Where to find the crank handle in Resident Evil 2?

You’ll find it in the basement area of the police station, which can only be accessed once you’ve found the three medallions and beaten the first version of William Birkin. Specifically, you’re looking for the jail area that branches off the underground car park.

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