Who would win Batman or the Hulk?

Por Junina / 2022-04-21

Who would win Batman or the Hulk?

Who would win Batman or the Hulk?

2 BATMAN BEATS: THE HULK You might not think it was possible, but not only has Batman fought the Hulk in the crossover comics, he actually beat him. This doesn't seem possible because there is absolutely no way Batman could harm the Hulk with any of his gadgets, tricks or amazing punches.

How does Batman beat the Hulk?

While the blow fails to hurt the Hulk, it does startle him long enough for him to make him exhale involuntarily and instinctively inhale a lungful of the gas. The Hulk topples, and the Batman ends up winning the fight.

Can Batman beat She Hulk?

The only thing Batman has going for him against She-Hulk is that he has the superior hand-to-hand fighting skills. Unlike Wonder Woman, Batman isn't strong enough to do any damage to her.

Who can beat Batman?

10 Superheroes Without Powers Who Can Beat Batman

  1. 1 Iron Heart. Riri Williams' age should not let her be deceived.
  2. 2 Iron Man. ...
  3. 3 Ka-Zar. ...
  4. 4 Adam Strange. ...
  5. 5 Booster Gold. ...
  6. 6 The Punisher. ...
  7. 7 Black Widow. ...
  8. 8 Katana. ...

Can Batman beat Deadpool?

6 Could Defeat: Batman As intelligent as Bruce Wayne is, there's little he'd be able to do to defeat Deadpool. He may have plenty of gadgets that could hurt or maim Wilson, and he's also fairly skilled in the art of combat, but the Dark Knight's own moral code would be his downfall. ... Deadpool wins hands down, though.

Can Batman beat Superman?

It's not actually easy for Batman to defeat Superman. Well of course, it is easy if the writers just start giving him all the plot armour in the world. But Superman can actually take out Batman before he even takes out the kryptonite out of his pocket. ... Technically, Superman too can move faster than Batman can think.

When was the first time Batman defeated the Hulk?

Incredibly, though, Batman has actually successfully defeated the Hulk. Back in 1981, relations between rival publishers DC and Marvel were in a good way, and the two had yet to come up with the idea their characters existed in different universes.

Are there any DC heroes that can beat the Hulk?

With that, here are 15 DC heroes that we think could beat The Hulk. We know what you're all thinking: Batman may be great but he is only human and therefore wouldn't last five seconds in a match up between him and The Hulk. Well, you'd be right. However, the first entry on our list is more of an honorary mention than anything else.

Can a superhero go back in time to stop the Hulk?

With a light speed run up, West could sucker punch The Hulk into orbit. Not only that but West, and most other Flashes, can run fast enough to break the time barrier and therefore could go back in time to stop The Hulk if need be.

How old was Ray Fisher when Batman beat the Hulk?

Speaking at the JusticeCon event, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher admitted he grew up as one of those comic book fans. He recalled being an 11-year-old who argued Batman could take anybody, and amusingly enough he proved his point with the example of Wolverine.

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